Ready to Govern Resources

The Partnership’s Ready to Govern program aims to equip political appointees with the tools, resources and strategies they need to be successful and make meaningful change at their agencies. The Center has developed online resources for political appointees on priority topics to support their understanding of federal government processes, structures and relationships. These resources are informed by current and former political appointees and career executives lessons learned from government, in an effort to provide easily accessible and on demand materials for federal leaders. For more information, please see our brochure or contact [email protected].

Understanding the Federal Budget Cycle

The federal budget is one of the most significant policy instruments of the federal government and is used to fulfill constitutional responsibilities, implement policy priorities, and fund the operations of government to serve the American people. Understanding how to navigate this complex process to implement the president’s priorities is important to your success. These resources outline the key elements of each budget phase and how they affect you, the main players involved, and information sources to learn more.

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Mapping Stakeholders

Managing relationships is a crucial part of your role. It is important to recognize and learn to build successful relationships with key players within the White House, the Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies. Building effective relationships ensures the impact of your contributions outlives your tenure. The following tips and worksheet will help you define and manage relationships with your stakeholders.

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Roadmap: Five Steps for Successful Execution

To focus and execute your agenda in the federal environment, it is helpful to create a plan or roadmap. Below are five steps for successful execution, along with a few questions to ask yourself. Given your role, your agency, and your leadership style, how you tackle these five steps is up to you. 


Tips for Building a Strong Team: Political-Career Collaboration 

Your success as a political appointee depends on how well you manage relationships with career staff and how well you contribute to a strong team. We recommend three important steps: engage career staff early and often, build a strong team and set clear governance structures.  


Five Technology Priorities for Government Leaders

Successful policy and program delivery relies on understanding technology and how to best work with technologists at your agency. The following tips will help you—as a senior leader in government—navigate challenges in five key areas so you can more effectively use technology to advance your agency’s mission.