What is the Center for Presidential Transition?

The Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition® serves as the premier nonpartisan source of information and resources to help presidential candidates and their teams lay the groundwork for a new administration or for a president’s second term.


Transition Lab Podcast

This new podcast series will give a behind-the-scenes look at presidential transitions. Join us for candid discussions with former presidential chiefs of staff, transition team leads and other experts.

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Agency Transition Guide

Based on convenings with transition leaders from nearly 40 agencies, the Partnership and The Boston Consulting Group have compiled best practices into a guide for senior career leaders.

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Presidential Transition Guide

The Partnership’s comprehensive guide on the activities required during the transition. This updated guide, produced in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, features detailed outlines of transition best practices, historical materials from past transitions, and recommendations for a successful presidential transition to a new or second-term administration.

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Effective Transition Planning Can Help Presidents Have a Successful Year One and Year Five

Preparing for the enormous responsibility of running the federal government is the most important job for any presidential candidate.

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Presidential Transition Act Summary

In passing the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, Congress explained: “Any disruption occasioned by the transfer of the executive power could produce results detrimental to the safety and well-being of the United States and its people.” To promote the orderly transfer of power, Congress established a framework for the federal government to prepare for a transition from one president to another.

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Open Letter from Bipartisan Center for Presidential Transition Advisory Board

This letter stresses the importance of early preparation by President Trump and the Democratic candidates to be equipped for a second term or new administration.

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Cabinet turnover after re-election highlights the need for 2nd-term transition planning

New data shows that the last three presidents each experienced significant Cabinet-level turnover soon after their 2nd inauguration.

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Federal Position Descriptions

The federal position descriptions provide important information about the Senate confirmed positions across government.

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Senate Confirmation Process Slows to a Crawl

Our new research has found that Senate confirmation of presidential appointees are taking longer than ever.

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Help wanted: the critical job of selecting 4,000 presidential appointees

The Office of Presidential Personnel faces the herculean task of helping a president select about 4,000-political appointees at the beginning of a new administration and throughout a president’s four-year term. Jonathan McBride and Liza Wright, former directors of the PPO under Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, respectively, join host David Marchick on Transition Lab to share their advice on how to land a political appointment and some of the challenges they faced managing the personnel operation.

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Trump Administration Details Efforts to Support Peaceful Presidential Transition

May 18, 2020

Publication Type: In the News

Watchdog group points to “significant ethics problems” among some of the White House Transition Coordinating Council members. By Courtney Buble The General Services Administration is preparing office space at the Commerce Department for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee—presumed to be former Vice President Joe Biden—for use in planning to take the reins of power in…

As first deadline approaches, Biden and Trump camps begin a delicate transition dance

April 27, 2020

Publication Type: In the News

The administration has until May 3 to form a committee to begin transition planning, but Democrats worry that Trump will be disruptive. WASHINGTON — It may seem early, but federal law mandates that by Sunday the apparent Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and aides to the president he hopes to unseat must begin planning for…

Coronavirus Outbreak Could Make the Upcoming Presidential Transition the Toughest Since the Depression, Nonprofit Says

April 22, 2020

Publication Type: In the News

“I think that the current crisis makes this the most important and, perhaps, challenging transition since 1932,” resource center director says.   As the upcoming presidential changeover will occur on the heels of the global coronavirus pandemic, a nonprofit clearinghouse for transition information says planning is more important than ever.  The nonprofit Partnership for Public…

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