About the Center

The peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next is a hallmark of American democracy. But under the surface, the transition is rushed and chaotic, and can result in a new administration being unprepared to respond to a national or international emergency.

Although this hand-off occurs every four or eight years, there has never before been a single place to store the body of knowledge relating to the presidential transition, forcing each incoming administration to essentially start from scratch.

The Partnership for Public Service is filling this void, providing critical assistance and information to presidential candidates to help them navigate the transition process and be ready to govern on day one. We’ve established the Center for Presidential Transition, a dedicated organization within the Partnership to implement our Ready to Govern® transition initiative.

The center is the repository for documentation from previous transitions, offers guidance on how to set up and execute a transition, works with the outgoing administration to encourage a smooth transfer of power, shares management recommendations for the new administration to address government’s talent and operational challenges, engages Congress to promote presidential transition reforms and prepares new political appointees to lead effectively.

To ensure that future presidential hand-offs are as seamless as possible, the center builds on transition experience to date to develop a permanent foundation for future presidential transitions, and facilitates an ongoing dialogue with the good government and business communities, academia, the social sector, and current and former government officials.

About the Partnership

The Partnership for Public Service is a unique nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving a more effective and innovative government for our country. Not bigger or smaller government, just smarter. And, by teaming with federal agencies and other stakeholders to improve the leadership capacity of our federal agencies and the systems that support them, we help government be responsive to the evolving needs of the American people.

We pursue this goal by:

  • Providing assistance to federal agencies to improve their management and operations, and to strengthen their leadership capacity;
  • Promoting accountability by generating research on, and effective responses to, the workforce challenges facing our federal government;
  • Advocating for needed legislative and regulatory reforms to strengthen and make government more effective;
  • Identifying and celebrating government’s successes so they can be replicated across government; and
  • Conducting outreach to college campuses and job seekers to promote public service.

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The Partnership is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization as recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We rely on the generous financial support of individuals, companies and foundations to carry out our work, and we participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.

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Our private-sector and foundation partners play an important role in helping to ensure the fast, effective and safe transfer of leadership and knowledge to the next administration.

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