Presidential transition teams lay the groundwork for governing well in advance of Election Day by building a policy agenda for the new administration, gathering information about federal agencies, vetting potential political appointees and developing a management agenda.  


From access to experts and historic materials to original research and data, the Center provides transition teams with an array of resources to plan for a new administration. Our Presidential Transition Guide provides a roadmap on how to organize and execute a successful transition, while transition teams can call on our network of former transition leaders and other experts for advice on topics ranging from setting up the White House operation to preparing the president’s first budgetand vetting potential appointees.


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Presidential Transition Guide

Comprehensive guide to the activities required during the transition, produced in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group.

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From Decisions to Results: Building a More Effective Government Through a Transformed Office of Management and Budget

We suggest six target areas for the president to focus on in order to transform OMB into a hub for translating decisions made at the White House and Congress into results for citizens.

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Making Government Work for the American People

Through dialogues with a range of experts about critical management issues, we developed this roadmap with the IBM Center for The Business of Government for a new or second-term administration.

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Agency Review and Landing Team Principles, Guidance and Materials

This guide contains the Center for Presidential Transition’s recommendations for agency review efforts.

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Guide for Incoming Cabinet Secretaries

The guide for incoming cabinet secretaries is designed to support a secretary lead effectively from their first day.

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Guide for Incoming Cabinet Deputy Secretaries

The guide for incoming cabinet deputy secretaries is designed to support a secretary lead effectively from their first day.

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Obama-Biden Transition Project Policy Working Groups Organizational Chart

Organizational chart for the Obama-Biden Transition Project.

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Romney Readiness Project President-elect Support Organizational Chart

Organizational chart for the Romney Readiness Projects president-elect support team.

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The Center can provide critical assistance on how to organize and execute a transition; help agency career executives prepare for new political leadership; offer guidance to political appointees on the unique aspects of government leadership; and engage with Congress to promote transition reforms. In addition, the Center can offer insights to help incumbent presidents prepare for a second term and advice on the steps needed for a smooth transfer of power in the event that a new president is elected.

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