Given the short period of time between Election Day and the inauguration, cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations is more important than ever. 

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What You Need To Know

What Happens during the Transition Period?

Considering the size of the U.S. government, the importance of its responsibilities and the short time between the election and the inauguration, transitions are always a tall order. But the stakes could not be higher this year.

After Ascertainment: What’s Next for the Biden-Harris Transition Team

President-elect Biden and his team have already started their transition work, demonstrating skill, experience and purpose. Now that ascertainment has occurred, they can continue with the full support of the United States government.

A Late Start to a Transition Can Delay Filling Key Leadership Positions Critical for the American People

Further delays by the General Services Administration in recognizing the outcome of the Nov. 3 election could impede the ability of President-elect Joe Biden to make timely and critical appointments for key COVID-19 and national security-related positions, thereby weakening the government’s ability to protect our nation and distribute life-saving vaccines.


How Newly Elected Presidents Spend Their Time

This study, prepared by the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition and the Boston Consulting Group, analyzes how newly elected presidents have allocated their time between the election and the inauguration, how their spouses handled the transition and the post-election roles taken by presidential running mates.

How Bush and Obama Collaborated To Address the Great Recession

Previous presidential transitions have occurred during times of crisis. During the 2008-2009 transition, the two sides closely cooperated to hand over management of the government during the financial crisis.

A Message from the Center For Presidential Transition Advisory Board

Our advisory board members—Democrats and Republicans—have been involved in planning, executing and closely observing presidential transitions. They volunteer their expertise to support effective transition planning.

Transition Lab Podcast

Transition Lab is a must-listen for anyone interested in developing a better understanding of the transition period. Join David Marchick, director of the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition for candid discussions with former presidential chiefs of staff, transition team leads and other presidential transition experts.

Presidential Transition Act: Requirements Post-Election

The modern-day Presidential Transition Act outlines multiple requirements for all stakeholders involved in presidential transitions. This document describes the requirements that apply to the post-election period.

Presidential Transition Act Summary

To promote the orderly transfer of power, Congress established the Presidential Transition Act as a framework for the federal government to prepare for a transition from one president to another.


Political Appointments

How (Not) To Get a Job in an Administration: Five Lessons From Transition Experts
Seeking a political appointment: Seven tips from a former special assistant to the president for presidential personnel
Five tips for getting through the Senate confirmation process

Agency Review

Agency Transition Guide
The art of agency review during a presidential transition
Tips for agencies creating briefing materials

Ready to Serve

Serving America through a presidential appointment is a great honor and responsibility. But preparing to serve can be a complicated process and getting started early is important. Ready to Serve is our centralized resource that guides candidates through every step of the process.

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The Partnership for Public Service’s
Roadmap for Renewing our Federal Government

A pandemic. Economic turmoil. Racial injustice. Threats to national security. The nation’s future and our democracy depend on our ability to solve these challenges, and the federal government is the most powerful tool we have to drive change. In order to fulfill its promise, the government must do things differently. To that end, we propose an agenda to help revitalize the management, operations and effectiveness of our government.

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