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Are You Ready to Serve in the Biden Administration?

From my experience in various positions during President Barack Obama’s administration, I gained insights into issues candidates should consider when deciding whether to pursue a political appointment. The following advice will help you decide if a presidential appointment is right for you.

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Five tips for getting through the Senate confirmation process

The opportunity to serve in a presidentially-appointed position in the federal government is a unique privilege and honor. For some positions, this means nominees must traverse the difficult Senate confirmation process before they can take office. The confirmation process can be one of the biggest challenges a nominee will face in their lifetime. Here’s some advice for navigating that process.

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Demystifying the presidential appointee vetting process

The vetting process for senior presidential appointees can be opaque even for long-serving government officials. While it varies based on the administration and the position an individual is seeking, there are three key components for almost every political appointee.

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