Report & Publication
October 01, 2008

Roadmap to Reform: A Management Framework for the Next Administration

The key to improving our federal government’s operational health is a robust management framework “a roadmap to reform” that tackles challenges from federal budgeting to the use of technology to deliver services. The centerpiece of the president’s government reform plan needs to be a strategy to restore prestige to and increase the capacity of our federal workforce.

Each aspect of the government deserves more attention, but the new president’s management framework should focus on the talented, but underutilized, civilian workforce. The goal should be clear: to improve organizational performance. Core components of an effective workforce, which foster high performance, include:

  • The Right Talent
    Government has the right people, from top to bottom, with the right skills to work on behalf of the American people.
  • An Engaged Workforce
    Government employees are motivated, empowered and performing to the best of their capabilities.
  • Strong Leadership
    Managers are able to inspire and make meaningful and credible distinctions among employees in terms of performance.
  • Public Support
    Americans value and support federal public service and understand the importance of having good people in the federal government.