Report & Publication
November 08, 2008

Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Transition Procedures, Identification of Transition Contacts and Access to Non-public Government and Transition Information

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Office of President-elect Obama and the White House establishing the relationship between the transition team and the outgoing White House. “The chief of staff and the chair of the president-elects transition team enter into this memorandum of understanding in order to establish an orderly process for identifying individuals charged with transition responsibilities, to ensure that the government’s and the office of the president-elect’s standards of conduct are observed, to protect the confidentiality of nonpublic government information made available to the transition team during the transition period, to preserve the constitutional, statutory and common law privileges that attach to such information in the possession of the executive branch, and to protect the confìdentiality of transition information made available to the government.”