Executives association wants to fill in the gaps in federal training and development

October 5, 2018

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Publication Topic: Build Networks of Support,Develop Strong Leaders,Engage Employees,Inspire and Hire Mission-Critical Talent,Modernize Management Systems,Presidential Transition

For years, stakeholder organizations and good government groups have decried the lack of sufficient training for managers and executives at federal agencies. Now an association for agency executives is taking matters into its own hands. 

Why it matters if Rod Rosenstein resigns or Trump fires him

September 24, 2018

Publication Type: In the News

Publication Topic: Develop Strong Leaders,Presidential Transition

Multiple news outlets on Monday morning reported that Rod Rosenstein, the second ranking official in the Justice Department, was soon to be on his way out of the Trump administration. Although White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tamped down speculation that Rosenstein’s departure was imminent, she said in a tweet soon after the news broke that the...