White House Guidance to Agencies

September 14, 2016

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2016,Agencies,Barack Obama,GSA,Office of Management and Budget

This is a memorandum to agency transition directors and agency points of contact on transition from Anita Breckenridge, deputy chief of staff at the White House, Andrew Mayock, deputy director for management at OMB and Tim Horne, federal transition coordinator at GSA. The memo, released on Sept. 14, 2016, provides guidance on presidential transition preparations,...

Guidance to President’s Management Council

August 21, 2012

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2012,Agencies,Barack Obama,Office of Management and Budget,Second term

This memo shares guidance and deadlines on transition planning to the President’s Management Council from the White House and OMB officials, including Alyssa Mastromonaco, Jeff Zients, Chris Lu and Nancy Hogan from August 2012. It includes guidance regarding naming a career agency lead for transition preparations, reviewing lines of succession, preparing agency briefing materials.

OMB Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

April 27, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2020,Agencies,Donald Trump,Office of Management and Budget,Second term

Memo from Acting Office of Management and Budget Director, Russell Vought, to agency heads with guidance on presidential transition preparations and implementing the Presidential Transition Act dated April 4, 2020. This memo includes guidance on the timetable of agency actions, including which agencies will participate in the Agency Transition Directors Council (ATDC) and other agencies...

Memo from OMB to President’s Management Council on Transition Directions

July 18, 2008

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2008,Agencies,Budget,George W. Bush,National Security,Office of Management and Budget

Memo from Deputy Director for Management Clay Johnson to members of the President’s Management Council (PMC) regarding directions and timelines for activities for the presidential transition. This memo from OMB is dated July 18, 2008 and a copy was sent to White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten. Goals for activities are to help ensure...