Guidelines for Cabinet Orientation

January 20, 2016

Publication Type: Tools and Templates

Publication Tags: National Security

Guidelines for Cabinet Orientation

This Partnership document contains guidelines for key considerations in planning for a Cabinet orientation in the first months of an administration.

Message to White House Hopefuls

January 20, 2016

Publication Type: Commentary

Publication Tags: 2016,National Security,Transition Management

In an open letter, the Center’s six advisory board members—Democrats and Republicans who have been involved in planning, executing and closely observing presidential transitions—urge the presidential candidates to start their transition planning early to avoid critical missteps.

The Miller Center’s First Year 2017 Project

October 15, 2015

Publication Type: External Resource

Publication Tags: Budget,Historical,National Security

The Miller Center’s First Year Project is a multi-year, non-partisan effort to examine the history and structure of presidential first years; assess the policy opportunities and threats for the next president; and influence the national debate by addressing candidates, opinion leaders, and the public.