Draft Kerry-Edwards Transition Code of Ethical Conduct

October 21, 2004

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2004,Ethics,Historical,John Kerry

The draft code of ethics details the expectations for members of the incoming Kerry-Edwards transition team. The document includes guidelines for accepting gifts, conflicts of interest, and other standards of conduct expected from employees of the transition team.

2000 White House Memo on Presidential Transition Guidance

September 16, 2021

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2000,Bill Clinton,George W. Bush,John Kerry

Memorandum from White House Chief of Staff John Podesta to heads of executive departments and agencies regarding presidential transition guidance during the election recount in Florida. November 13, 2000 Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies From: John Podesta, Chief of Staff Subject: Presidential Transition Guidance A number of agencies have raised questions...