Guide for Incoming Assistant Secretaries for Administration and Management

September 6, 2018

Publication Type: Tools and Templates

Publication Topic: Presidential Transition

Publication Tags: 2016,Agencies,Agency Landing Teams,Appointees,Best Practice,Management

The guide for incoming assistant secretaries for administration and management (ASAM) is designed to support an ASAM lead effectively from their first day. It has been developed with input from current and former ASAMs and lists key actions a new ASAM can take to accelerate their impact during their first month on the job. It...

Agency Transition Guide

August 22, 2017

Publication Type: Research and Publications

Publication Topic: Engage Employees,Presidential Transition

Publication Tags: 2016,Agencies,Agency Landing Teams,Appointees,Appointments,Best Practice,Center for Presidential Transition,Donald Trump,Management,Policy,Transition Management

Federal agencies face a cascading series of challenges before and after a presidential election and into the early months of a new administration. Throughout the transition, the Partnership for Public Service brought together agency transition leaders from nearly 40 agencies to help improve this process.  From these convenings, the Partnership and The Boston Consulting Group have...