Communications Between Presidents and Their Successors

December 28, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 1988,1992,2000,2008,2016

Amid the political commentary and partisan sentiments surrounding a presidential transition, there are nonpartisan traditions that accompany the change in White House occupancy. Historic letters and telegrams from past presidential transitions show how outgoing presidents communicated with their successors.

Annotated Outline for the “Liaison Roadmap”

January 20, 2016

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2008,Agencies,Barack Obama,Historical

This template from the Obama-Biden Transition Project details the information required in a 20-page Liaison Roadmap. The Liaison Roadmap includes three sections: an executive summary, an overview of the agency and a discussion of the high-priority issues facing the agency.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s calendar during the first few weeks of the Obama administration

February 28, 2009

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2008,Agencies,Agency Landing Teams,Appointees,Appointments,Barack Obama,Historical,Management

  This calendar provide detailed information regarding the day to day activities of Attorney General Holder during his first few weeks in office. Consistent with the Freedom of Information Act, certain limited aspects of the attorney general’s calendar are not released publicly.

Obama-Biden Transition Project Campaign Crossover Policy

November 23, 2008

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2008,Barack Obama,Ethics,Historical,Transition Management

This memoradnum, written by the Obama-Biden Transition Project’s general counsel, sets parameters for the incoming transition team members joining from Obama for America 2008. The memo covers engagement in partisan political activities, promotion of political causes in accordance to the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, and appropriate use of files and documents that were used for former campaigns.

Obama Congressional Staff Transition Memo

November 13, 2008

Publication Tags: 2008,Barack Obama,Congress,Historical,Job Description

Memo to employees of the U.S. House and Senate who are approved for service on the Transition team. The memo provides guidance to Congressional staffers on roles and responsibilities as a transition detailee, legislative coordinator or volunteer.

Obama-Biden Transition Volunteer Policy and Procedures Memo

November 10, 2008

Publication Tags: 2008,Barack Obama,Historical,Job Description,Transition Management

This Manual summarizes the personnel policies and procedures that are applicable to volunteers of the Office of President-Elect’s and Vice-President-Elect’s transition team. It covers topics including personal records, ethics, safety, attendance, dress code, and confidentiality.