June 21, 2018

Partnership for Public Service Statement on White House Plans to Reorganize the Federal Government

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump intends to announce today sweeping plans to reorganize the federal government. Partnership for Public Service President and CEO Max Stier released the following statement regarding this proposal.

“When our government fails to meet citizen expectations, the problems typically stem from people and culture issues, such as shortages in mission-critical talent and the performance and management skills of senior leaders, not how an agency is organized.” said Stier. “No one can reasonably dispute that our government needs reform, but structural reorganizations are rarely the most effective way to improve service to our citizens.”

Stier said reorganization plans by presidents going back decades have rarely met expectations and provide some lessons on what it takes to be successful.

“For the administration’s reorganization plans to succeed, the president and members of his administration must articulate a government-wide vision for reform, the rationale for each proposal, and how the administration will implement changes and measure progress,” said Stier. “The White House also must get congressional buy-in and bipartisan support, make substantial, upfront investments and plan for sustained attention over many years.”

“Congress will have an essential role in evaluating the administration’s plan, challenging assumptions and asserting itself as a co-equal branch with the authority and ability to shape federal agencies and programs.”

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