July 26, 2016

Media Advisory: Monday is Move-In Day for Presidential Transition Teams

WASHINGTON — On Monday, August 1 the presidential transition teams for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be able to move in to government-funded office space provided by the General Services Administration (GSA). In addition to fully furnished and equipped office space, GSA will provide other transition support, including communication services, briefings and assistance to enable the candidates to prepare to govern even as they simultaneously campaign vigorously to win the office.

The Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 provides major party candidates with office space and services immediately following the nominating conventions. Prior to the passage of this legislation, the support was withheld until after the election.

“As the candidates race against one another, they are also racing against the clock to be ready to govern,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service. “Presidential transitions are often rushed, complex and a time of real vulnerability for our nation. This government-funded transition support enables the presidential candidates to begin essential preparations for governing long before any votes are cast.”

WHAT: Moving in to government-funded office space provided by the GSA

WHO: The presidential transition teams for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump WHEN: Monday, August 1, 2016

WHERE: GSA transition space, Washington, D.C.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Reach Erika Walter by calling 202-775-9111 or emailing [email protected]

Background on the Center for Presidential Transition: Launched in January 2016, the Partnership’s Center for Presidential Transition is helping the presidential candidates and their transition teams, the outgoing administration and federal agencies navigate the transition process and ensure our next president will be ready to govern on day one. This first-of-its-kind Center is the only permanent organization dedicated to presidential transitions and is a “one-stop” resource for transition planning information. Background on the Partnership for Public Service: For 15 years, the nonpartisan, nonprofit Partnership for Public Service has been dedicated to making the federal government more effective for the American people. We work across administrations to help transform the way government operates by increasing collaboration, accountability, efficiency and innovation.