September 29, 2016

From the Board Room to the Oval Office: What the Next President’s Team Needs to Know About Leading in Government

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, October 5, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition will host a discussion on the similarities and differences between leading large organizations in the public and private sectors.

According to a recent Gallup survey, Americans tend to view business and industry sectors more positively than the federal government, with only 28 percent of Americans holding a favorable impression of government. Despite some similarities, leading a federal agency comes with a unique set of challenges that incoming leaders must understand.

“There is much to learn from the private sector, but it would be a mistake for any corporate leader moving into government to not consider what is different about operating in the public sector.” Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service stated. “Whether it is the 535-member board of directors called Congress or the complex landscape of rules around hiring and firing talent, succeeding as a government leader is not simple or easy.”

With many years of corporate experience, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Steve Preston have a clear view of what it takes to succeed in both sectors.

Preston and Pritzker will discuss their experiences share lessons learned and offer hard-earned advice to the next president’s leadership team.

WHAT: Panel discussion with leaders who have served in both the public and private sectors

WHO: Steve Preston, CEO of Livingston International

Former secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Former administrator of the Small Business Administration

Penny Pritzker, secretary, Department of Commerce

Former chairman and CEO of PSP Capital Partners

WHEN: Wednesday, October 5, 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. (9:30 a.m., registration)

WHERE: Partnership for Public Service

1100 New York Ave, NW, Suite 200 East

Washington, D.C.

MEDIA PLEASE REGISTER WITH Erika Walter, 202-775-9111 or [email protected]

BACKGROUND: The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that believes good government starts with good people. It works to revitalize federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and transforming the way government works by strengthening the civil service and systems that support it. The Partnership’s Center for Presidential Transition is designed to help presidential candidates navigate the transition process, prepare political appointees to lead effectively and work with the outgoing administration to encourage a smooth transfer of power. Learn more at


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