Obama administration’s 2009 annual report to Congress on White House staff. The list includes the names, titles, salaries and statuses (full-time, part-time or detailee) of White House staff members. This report includes 487 employees — 454 full-time staffers, 1 part-time staffer and 32 detailees as of July 1, 2009.


This calendar provide detailed information regarding the day to day activities of Attorney General Holder during his first few weeks in office. Consistent with the Freedom of Information Act, certain limited aspects of the attorney general’s calendar are not released publicly.

Center for American Progress report that analyzes comprehensive new data on delays in the appointments process as well as appointee turnover in Senate-confirmed positions in executive agencies over the past five administrations.

The Office of Personnel Management 2009 Presidential Transition Guide provides human resources guidelines for transition teams at the time of the transition to office.

IBM Transition 2008 webpage provides four articles on the Prune Book.