The Government Accountability Office (GAO) surveyed the views of Senate-confirmed presidential appointees (PAS) to provide a better understanding of areas relevant to their federal service.

The code of ethics details the expectations for members of the Clinton-Gore transition team. The document includes guidelines for accepting gifts, conflicts of interest, and other standards of conduct expected from employees of the transition team.

Memo dated Oct. 12, 1992 from White House Chief of Staff James Baker to Cabinet and agency heads requesting their resignation letters following the election in order to start fresh in a potential second term of President George H. W. Bush.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) obtained and analyzed information on (1) the number of non-career Senior Executive Service and Schedule C appointees at each agency and department and government-wide; (2) the number of career SES members government-wide; and (3) the number, placement and employment trends of non-career SES and Schedule C appointees at five selected departments and agencies: the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Small Business Administration and the U.S. Information Agency.

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) review of the career appointments that agencies granted employees who held either noncareer Senior Executive Service (SES) or Schedule C appointments before their career appointments.