Federal Agencies

Federal agencies and their career leaders play a critical role in the transition process. In 2010, Congress passed the Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act to provide major party presidential candidates with support and services after their nominating conventions. This law added to a range of services that are provided by the government to the presidential campaigns. The Center meets regularly with representatives from across the government to ensure the continuity of operations and provide guidance on best practices and lessons learned from past transitions.

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To learn more about the Center’s work with the outgoing administration, please contact Dan Hyman at dhyman@ourpublicservice.org


Ready to Act
February 6 and 7

To ensure that the peaceful transfer of power doesn’t interfere with mission-critical agency priorities, many public servants will take on added workloads and new responsibilities. Among them are the senior career executives like you who might be called upon to serve in acting positions during the presidential transition. We are now offering a limited number of spaces in Ready to Act, our half-day program to help you or your executive colleagues prepare for your new roles and what to expect.

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