Developing a Management Roadmap

Sound management enables the effective implementation of policy and is essential for a successful presidency. The new president needs an agenda planned well in advance that speaks to how to get its policies implemented, not just what it will do.

The Partnership and the IBM Center for the Business of Government have joined together to sponsor a series of roundtable dialogues with key government leaders and stakeholders to inform the next president about critical federal management issues, and recommend actions that strengthen the new administration’s capacity to address key challenges. Through these roundtables, the Partnership and the IBM Center have developed a Management Roadmap for the next administration to share the lessons learned, identify promising and proposed initiatives, and offer ideas on successful implementation.

Our primary objectives are to provide reliable, easy-to-understand information about federal management challenges; recommend management actions for the incoming administration; guide transition teams on how to organize and prioritize to achieve desired outcomes; and offer experienced counsel and advice to incoming political appointees.

Making Government Work for the American People: A Management Roadmap for the New Administration

Read the lessons learned from key government leaders and stakeholders and proposed initiatives for the next administration.

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The first roundtable discussion focused on strengthening executive talent across the federal government. In the whitepaper, “Managing the Government’s Executive Talent,” authors Doug Brook and Maureen Hartney recap the roundtable discussion and propose a framework for the next administration to manage and harness the talent of top political and career executives in order to accelerate the achievement of presidential priorities.

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Our second roundtable discussion was centered on how to create an ecosystem for cross-agency collaboration in the new administration. In the report, “Building an Enterprise Government,” Jane E. Fountain outlines a framework that the next president and agency executives can use to formulate strategic priorities, modernize management processes and build capacity to achieve cross-agency goals.

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Read our Q&A with Jane Fountain

Our third whitepaper, “Enhancing the Government’s Decision-Making: Helping Leaders Make Smart and Timely Decisions” presents insights and offers recommendations for transition teams and the next administration on establishing effective decision-making approaches, taking an enterprise view and using data-driven analytics.

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In our fourth whitepaper, authors Beth Simone Noveck and Stefaan Verhulst provide a set of recommendations for how incoming leaders can use innovation as a catalyst in achieving the administration’s priorities

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