Assisting Presidential Candidates

There has never before been a single place where campaigns and administrations could turn for a comprehensive collection of information regarding transition and appointment planning. The Partnership has developed a presidential transition guide that fills this void and provides guidance and suggested timelines for transition teams in 2016 and beyond. We are also facilitating relationships between transition teams, the outgoing administration and individuals with prior transition experience.

Transition Timeline, Guide and Resources

Our comprehensive presidential transition guide is based on lessons learned from previous transitions and will educate future presidential transition teams to ensure an efficient transfer of power. Resources will include critical Obama and Romney transition team documents, content from government service providers such as the General Services Administration’s transition directory, templates, timelines, research, papers and articles.Go to Timeline and Guide

2016 Presidential Management and Transition Conference

Our successful Presidential Management and Transition Conferences in 2008 and 2012 convened senior officials representing leading candidates from both major political parties to kick-start their early transition planning. We continued this discussion with a spring 2016 conference where teams from the presidential campaigns focused on the governing challenges ahead and built relationships with members of the outgoing administration, career agency executives and former transition leaders.

Transition Team Working Sessions

In addition to the spring 2016 Presidential Management and Transition Conference, we plan to develop further recommendations based on best practices and convene half-day sessions around topics of concern for transition teams and incoming administrations.

Assisting the Outgoing Administration

The outgoing administration of President George W. Bush set a high bar for presidential transitions. The president and his chief of staff set a tone of cooperation months before the 2008 election and ensured federal agencies were prepared to assist, inform and cooperate with the incoming administration. Their actions included sharing information on a nonpartisan basis through the newly established White House and agency transition councils—in which the Partnership was pleased to participate—and holding emergency preparedness exercises to prepare members of the incoming team. The Partnership is currently convening meetings with transition service providers and other senior stakeholders to build relationships, share best practices and help coordinate the work necessary to facilitate a smooth hand-off to the next administration.