White House Guidance to Agencies

September 14, 2016

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2016,Agencies,Barack Obama,GSA,Office of Management and Budget

This is a memorandum to agency transition directors and agency points of contact on transition from Anita Breckenridge, deputy chief of staff at the White House, Andrew Mayock, deputy director for management at OMB and Tim Horne, federal transition coordinator at GSA. The memo, released on Sept. 14, 2016, provides guidance on presidential transition preparations,...

Guidance to President’s Management Council

August 21, 2012

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2012,Agencies,Barack Obama,Office of Management and Budget,Second term

This memo shares guidance and deadlines on transition planning to the President’s Management Council from the White House and OMB officials, including Alyssa Mastromonaco, Jeff Zients, Chris Lu and Nancy Hogan from August 2012. It includes guidance regarding naming a career agency lead for transition preparations, reviewing lines of succession, preparing agency briefing materials.

Biden-Harris Transition Contributions and Expenditures

February 19, 2021

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2020,GSA,Historical,Joe Biden

Report of the contributions received by the Biden-Harris Transition Team and the expenses incurred reported to the General Services Administration (GSA) as required by the Presidential Transition Act.

Communications Between Presidents and Their Successors

December 28, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 1988,1992,2000,2008,2016

Amid the political commentary and partisan sentiments surrounding a presidential transition, there are nonpartisan traditions that accompany the change in White House occupancy. Historic letters and telegrams from past presidential transitions show how outgoing presidents communicated with their successors.

2020 Presidential Transition Guide to Federal Human Resources Management Matters

December 21, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: Office of Personnel Management

To facilitate the transition to a new administration, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued its 2020 Presidential Transition Guide. The Guide provides the incoming administration and agency officials with transition responsibilities a detailed description of the various rules, regulations and policies that govern the establishment of transition teams.

Letter from GSA Administrator Ascertaining Apparent Winner of 2020 Election

November 23, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2020,Agencies,Agency Landing Teams,Ascertainment,GSA,Joe Biden,National Security,Security Clearance

Letter ascertaining the winner of the 2020 presidential election from GSA Administrator Emily Murphy to President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 23, 2020, which triggers to resources and support from the General Services Administration in support of the presidential transition.

Quotes from Transition Chairman Dick Cheney in November 2000

November 13, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2000,GSA

Following the 2000 election, Bush-Cheney Transition Chairman Dick Cheney communicated the implications of a delayed transition, the requirements of building a new government and his thoughts on the General Service Administration’s denial of transition resources. These quotes are primarily from news conferences on Nov. 27 and Nov. 29, 2000.

Biden-Harris Transition Team Ethics Plan

September 30, 2020

Publication Type: Historical Documents

Publication Tags: 2020,Ethics,Joe Biden

As required by law, the Biden-Harris Transition Team released their ethics plan and code of ethical conduct, which transition team members are required to abide by throughout the presidential transition. The code addresses conflicts of interest, lobbying, access to non-public information, engaging with federal agencies and federal property and soliciting and accepting gifts.