Seven Smart Strategies to Achieve Policy Success

November 1, 2016

Publication Type: Research and Publications

Publication Topic: Develop Strong Leaders,Engage Employees,Modernize Management Systems,Presidential Transition

Publication Tags: Agencies,Best Practice,Center for Presidential Transition,Management,Partnership for public Service,Policy,Ready to Govern,Transition Management,White House

This document contains seven smart strategies that can help the Trump administration succeed in achieving successful policy implementation.

Proposals to Reform the Presidential Appointments Process

April 10, 2008

Publication Type: Tools and Templates

Publication Topic: Presidential Transition

Publication Tags: 2008,Appointments,Historical,Partnership for public Service

This memorandum, sent to President Bush’s White House Counsel Fred Fielding, details four major problems that limit the efficiency of the appointments process and recommendations to address those problems. It was authored, written by the law firm of Melveny & Myers on behalf of the Partnership for Public Service.