August 2016

March 21, 2019
Incoming Administration: Operations


Develop a personnel database infrastructure

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 7, Major Steps for Outgoing President, Assist campaigns with presidential personnel process

Coordinate with the White House and the other campaign’s transition team to develop a common personnel database infrastructure that can transition easily to the White House, post-Inauguration.

The Bush White House helped facilitate the design of a new presidential personnel database, with input from both the Obama and McCain 2008 campaigns as well as GSA. McCain’s personnel director had developed the template for the new database initially, but the software was shared with the Obama campaign in an effort to help ensure a smoother personnel process integration regardless of who won the election. As a result, the updated personnel system was fast-tracked by the White House and developed and put in place by GSA before the Inauguration. Both campaigns shared it prior to the election, ensuring that the incoming administration was familiar with the tool and could move smoothly from transition personnel planning to the Office of Presidential Personnel in the White House.


Submit to DOJ security clearances required for agency review team members, key advisors and staff who will need access to classified briefings (July–election)
Conduct a detailed historical review of transition activities of previous presidents-elect and build a comprehensive 75-day calendar for the president-elect (July–election)

Draft a Post-Election schedule for Governor Romney

Coordinate support for the vice president-elect and future first spouse (build calendar, organize offices, plan to accommodate family needs) (July–election)

Memorandum on the First Family’s Financial Arrangements

Onboard new staff the as transition team grows and oversee day-to-day logistics (JulyNovember)