October 2016

March 22, 2019
Incoming Administration: Appointments


Make internal contact to appropriate members of the transition team and campaign team who have been identified as prospective nominees for PAS roles (through election)

Begin collecting financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 278e) from prospective nominees for PAS roles in Integrity (through election)

Reports can be collected confidentially in Integrity without releasing them to OGE for review, though OGE is available to provide assistance by reviewing these reports before the election and name-blind review is an option.

Identify a senior ethics official at OGE or elsewhere in the executive branch that the transition team would be willing to select as a detailee to review financial disclosure reports after the election

OGE can provide a list of potential executive branch detailees.

Legislative Affairs should reach out to Senate Majority/Minority Leaders to discuss a list of priority positions the candidate is looking to fill in first 100 and 200 days (through election)

Design the build-out of a future Office of Presidential Personnel (PPO) and work with the Operations team to determine which transition team members will move to PPO after Inauguration (through election)

Wave II: Compile position descriptions, shortlists, and summaries from the lawyer review process, and candidate profiles for Wave II positions into briefing book binders for president-elect (through election)


Wave II: Create long lists for Wave II positions, incorporating input from the agency review team (September–October)

Agency review teams have unique insight into key staff positions, potential personnel issues or leadership gaps within each agency. These teams should work closely with the personnel team to identify potential candidates to lead each agency and identify other core positions that should be prioritized. The agency review team can also play a role in identifying the major management challenges or successes within each agency as well as particular skills and competencies needed.

Wave II: Conduct pre-election vetting of long-listed candidates, including opposition research (using public sources such as LexisNexis, Voter Vault, LegiStorm, SEC records, opensecrets.org, etc.) and additional lawyer review (September–October)

Wave II: Create ranked shortlists for each Wave II position based on vetting results (September–October)

Wave II: Create profiles of each candidate on the shortlists (September–October)

Build out agency confirmation teams that are dedicated to managing the confirmation process—prepping nominees for hearings, meeting with the Senate committees, etc.  (September–October)

Develop a checklist of activities (covering the period Nov. 8-21) for prepping nominees for their confirmation hearings (September–October)

Research the different Senate committees’ norms and processes regarding nominations and formulate a strategy to reach out to each committee (September–October)