January 2017

March 25, 2019
Incoming Administration: Appointments


Confirmation hearings for select Wave I nominees

Prepare for handoff of appointments process from Appointments team to Office of Presidential Personnel


Confirmation teams that were organized in September lay the groundwork for Senate confirmation preparation (e.g., setting up meetings on Hill, contacting agency representatives) (through Inauguration)

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 3, Guide nominees through the Senate confirmation process

Plan post-inauguration Cabinet retreat (through Inauguration)

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 3, Prepare Cabinet orientation and retreat

Work with GSA to determine the scope of training for incoming appointees per the Presidential Transition Act (i.e., define which appointees will receive training and what material will be covered) (through February)

Wave II: For each position, contact candidates in rank order until a mutual decision is reached to move forward (through February)

Wave II: Interview candidates for each Wave II position and request supporting materials for internal vetting (e.g., responses to questionnaire and tax records) (through February)

Wave II: Direct successfully vetted potential nominees to complete and submit SF-86 to the FBI and OGE Form 278e to OGE to begin formal nominee process (through February)

Wave III: Create ranked shortlists for each Wave III position based on vetting results (through January)

Wave III: Create profiles of each candidate on the shortlists (through January)

Wave III: Compile position descriptions, shortlists, and summaries from the lawyer review process, and candidate profiles for Wave III positions into briefing book binders for president-elect (through Inauguration)