June 2016

December 17, 2018
Incoming Administration: Agency Review


Select leads for each functional area grouping of agencies
Provide input to appointments team on prioritization of appointed positions (through July)

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 5, Major Steps in the Agency Review Process, Interaction between the agency review, policy and personnel teams

The work of the agency review team is related to, yet distinct from, the work of the presidential personnel team. Because the agency review team will be knowledgeable about key staff positions, potential personnel issues or leadership gaps within each agency, it should work closely with the personnel team to identify possible candidates to lead each agency and identify other critical positions that should be filled quickly.

The agency review team should play a role in identifying the major management challenges or successes within each agency, identifying particular skills and competencies needed for each position, and uncovering best practices or successful programs.


Design organizational structure for agency review team (May–June)

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 5, Major Steps in the Agency Review Process, Develop and Staff Agency Review Teams

The agency review team must anticipate that it will grow significantly over the course of the transition’s three phases, from a handful of staff at the outset to a large team that will have to gather information on nearly 100 federal agencies across government after Election Day. This requires working closely with the transition operations team to bring on additional staff quickly, including people from the campaign with relevant backgrounds as well as outside experts.

Furthermore, agency review personnel are generally an important source of new appointees for the incoming administration. Having them serve on an agency review team is useful because it is typically an unspoken way of onboarding these appointees. Transition leaders should keep this in mind as they staff the individual review teams.