April 2016

December 17, 2018
Incoming Administration: Agency Review


Appoint Head of Agency Review (through May)

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 2, Key Transition Leadership Activities, Agency Review

A new president is the CEO of the world’s most complex enterprise. The chief executive needs an agency review manager who will have the ability to obtain a clear understanding of the many agencies in the federal government and how they work together. The agency review manager also will need to identify pressing issues that will have to be addressed, and prepare transition teams to move into each agency following the Inauguration to share and collect information and facilitate the transfer of leadership.

The agency review manager will have to coordinate closely with both the policy and personnel teams. The agency review manager also should be someone who endeavors to collaborate with the career staff and outgoing political team. This person will be responsible for organizing and managing a large number of people and should have strong organizational skills.