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The Right People in the Right Jobs

November 2, 2016

Laura Pietrantoni, Associate, Center for Presidential Transition

One of the primary responsibilities of the presidential transition is to identify highly qualified candidates for many of the 4,000 politically appointed jobs in the new administration, particularly the 1,100 Senate confirmed positions that include key leadership responsibilities.

The first step is to target the most important positions, and the second is to measure potential appointees against the job requirements. Step two, however, is harder than you might think. Information about position responsibilities could be found scattered throughout the U.S. code, agency websites and oral histories, but there was no comprehensive set of position descriptions outlining the experience and skills required for our government’s highest offices. Until now.

One-hundred Plus Position Descriptions

The Center for Presidential Transition, working with search firms, prior and current office holders and researching public sources, has compiled a set of more than 100 sample position descriptions for presidentially appointed, Senate confirmed positions across 28 agencies and their bureaus.

Growing the Resource

The position descriptions provide basic but important information such as the primary responsibility of the position, the experience and competencies required and the level of pay. This information is designed to help the president-elect’s transition team match the experience and skills of potential candidates with the right position within the administration.

You can download a consolidated file of the top positions from the Center library. During the next weeks, we will add more position descriptions, including some critical management positions that do not require Senate confirmation. In addition, we will add a user-friendly interface to help identify specific agencies and roles. We’ll let our subscribers know when these enhancements are live. You can subscribe here.

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