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Snapshot: Tech in Transition

September 28, 2016

Erin McGarvey, Fellow, Partnership for Public Service

The next administration will face numerous information technology challenges, from an aging workforce to a growing number of cyber-attacks. As we’ve noted in a recent blog, the new leadership will have to take a critical look at the governmen’s information technology capabilities and make the necessary investments to help federal agencies improve internal operations and interactions with the public.

This infographic outlines the status of the federal IT landscape: outdated systems, laggings skills, poor customer experience, and systems under attack. There are critical systems that are more than fifty years old.

Modernization of the federal information technology must be tackled on multiple fronts. As we’ve written, protecting vulnerable computer systems from attack is just one element of a multi-faceted strategy that must include upgrading legacy systems, doing a better job of engaging citizens through digital services, and seating tech workers at the decision-making table.


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