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Spring Fever: Platform Update

April 27, 2016

Gwynne Kostin, Senior Advisor, Center for Presidential Transition

Getting off to a fast start, we introduced Version 1 of our transition online learning platform when we launched the Center for Presidential Transition in January. The platform equips transition teams from the presidential campaigns and those inside government with an unprecedented collection of practical tools, recommendations and historical resources.

A signature project is the comprehensive process map of critical presidential transition activities broken out by specific workstreams—the incoming administration, the outgoing administration and current federal agency staff.

We know teams need some help unpacking this valuable information and applying it to their work, so we are adding more resources to the platform.

Announcing: The Helpful Transition Timelines

We’re happy to direct your attention to our newly published Transition Timeline. We broke up the massive overview map and organized the work by month with specific recommendations and related tools and resources so transition stakeholders can jumpstart their work.

For the incoming administration teams we have four workstreams:

  • The Agency Review team is responsible for collecting information about each major department and agency of the federal government, and providing strategic information to the new administration.
  • The Appointments team identifies, selects and secures Senate confirmation of presidential appointees. Its job is to get leaders in seats.
  • The Operations team provides the backbone for a fast moving office by supporting the day-to-day operations, human resources, legal, communications, congressional relations and the president-elect through inauguration.
  • The Policy teams prioritize the major issues and campaign promises that a candidate ran on and lay the groundwork implementation.

We have also developed tools and cataloged resources to help out Federal Agencies and the Outgoing Administration in their transition preparations and implementation.

But Wait, There’s More

We launched the platform with hundreds of resources, but continue to add more. Check out:

Feedback Loop

This is a living platform that will continue to grow. Do you know what would make it better? You!

Thanks for joining us on this historic ride and keep those cards and letters coming


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