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How Congress Can Help the Next President Prepare

February 4, 2016

David Eagles, Director, Center for Presidential Transition
Kristine Simmons, Vice President, Government Affairs, Partnership for Public Service

Part of our Presidential Challenges Series: Challenges to Congress.

While the presidential inauguration won’t take place until next January, there are things we can be doing right now to get ready. Congress should act now on several fronts to ensure the transfer of power is smooth and that the government can operate seamlessly and effectively.

The House, for example, should move quickly on Senate-approved legislation (S 1172) requiring the establishment of a White House interagency council to help oversee and coordinate government-wide presidential transition activities. The bill also would require the General Services Administration (GSA) to designate a career federal employee to serve as federal transition coordinator to support the incoming president and the outgoing administration, and mandate that every agency name a senior career official to oversee the transition process.

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