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Filling the Transition Gap: The Center for Presidential Transition

January 20, 2016

Max Stier, President and CEO, Partnership for Public Service
David Eagles, Director, Center for Presidential Transition

Americans expect that the nation’s newly elected president will hit the ground running, but the transition of power and knowledge from one president to another has traditionally been rushed and chaotic, resulting in delays in filling key jobs, policy blunders and management missteps. A lack of thorough preparation could put the nation in jeopardy and seriously impede the progress of a new administration.

That’s why we’re here. At the Partnership for Public Service, we’re dedicated to good governance. Working to ensure a safe and smooth transfer of power and helping the new administration prepare to govern from day one means a more efficient, secure government. We’ve launched the Center for Presidential Transition to create a permanent home for the massive amount of information transition teams, agencies and the outgoing administration have traditionally scrambled to find each election cycle.

The Center serves as a permanent home for knowledge on presidential transition. We’ve amassed an unprecedented  collection of practical tools, recommendations and historical resources to aid and accelerate the work of incoming transition teams and provide a central hub for transition work, research and analysis. These tools—and this site—are the result of collaboration with former transition officials, good governance groups and federal employees across agencies and our corporate partners.

Along with these collaborators, we are building a learning system for transition that we are hosting online. This first version includes:

Transition Guide
The guide provides details on every step of the transition process to assist presidential candidates and their transition teams, federal agencies and the outgoing administration. This guide also includes never-before-seen documents and analysis, allowing those involved in presidential transition planning to to have access to critical information and understand what has taken place in the past.
Transition Timeline and Workplans
Based on extensive interviews with former transition leaders, analysis of academic research and the effects of new legislation, we’ve developed a comprehensive transition timeline. We created a timeline that provides specific workstreams for the incoming and outgoing administrations and current agency staff. Organized by month with specific recommendations and related tools and resources, the timelines and plans will allow transition stakeholders to jumpstart their work.
Transition Publication and Resource Library
The library contains hundreds of templates, infographics, checklists, sample job descriptions, research reports and historical materials provided by Obama, Romney and Bush transition teams for transition teams to use today. We will be adding to this library as part of the Center’s mission.
Transition News
We’ll continue to track and share updates on legislation, transition teams and share new resources and features from the Center. You can stay up to date by email.

We’re just getting started and there is much more to do. Let us know what you think. We can’t wait to work with you to build the transition process and government that we all deserve.

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