100 Days In: President Trump’s Appointments

March 28, 2019

As President Donald Trump neared his 100th day in office on April 29, he rushed to make 21 nominations for politically appointed positions in government.

While this was encouraging, the president is still well behind his predecessors in filling critical government posts, including deputy secretaries, assistant secretaries, chief financial officers and general counsels. As of May 3, the president had nominated only 73 of more than 1,100 political appointees requiring Senate confirmation and won approval of just 27 individuals.

Only four major departments – Health and Human Services, Treasury, Justice and State – have more than one Senate confirmed appointee, and it was not until April 27 when R. Alexander Acosta was confirmed as secretary of the Department of Labor that Trump got his full Cabinet in place.

Here is a look historical appointments data for the past few administrations on May 3rd in comparison to the Trump administration:

PresidentNominatedConfirmed“Failed”Average Days to Confirm
W. Bush15243213
H.W. Bush12050121

Additionally, the pending number of appointees to clear federal ethics requirements is striking compared to that of the Obama administration. As of April 17, Trump had only submitted 41 percent of the nominee reports that his predecessor submitted in 2009, according to Office of Government Ethics data.

It’s critical that Trump works quickly to fill leadership positions if he hopes to effectively manage the government and implement his agenda.