Presidential Transition Timeline

Incoming Administration: Operations
January 2017 Post-inauguration


Shut down transition operations and move teams into the White House

Presidential Transition Guide, Ch. 1, Major Steps in Presidential Transition Management, Closing down the transition

In 2001, the Bush transition found that it required more staff than originally anticipated to close down its transition office. Only a small number of administrative staff, supported by a few full-time volunteers, were left to assist GSA in vacating the space. However, the Cabinet Affairs and policy staff also working in the office still required administrative support. Additionally, the presidential personnel office presented a unique challenge in that it proved difficult after the Inauguration to integrate the human resource function of the transition into the White House. Bush transition officials stressed that future transitions should do a better job after the election of thinking through the staffing requirements for closing down the transition office and transferring important functions to the White House. Based on this experience, Congress included a provision in the Edward “Ted” Kaufman and Michael Leavitt Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015 allowing GSA to continue providing support services to the president-elect for 180 days after the election. The intent of the provision is to allow the transition team to continue time-sensitive work, around personnel in particular, and in the transition office, without the forced disruption of having to move the operation to the White House in January.