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Governmentwide Moratorium on Senior Executive Service (SES) Qualifications Review Board (QRB) Cases
Tools and Templates

November 18, 2016

Office of Personnel Management memo announcing suspension of agency qualifications review boards for Senior Executive Service positions when agency heads depart.

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HHS Presidential Transition Agency Landing Team Book
Tools and Templates

November 01, 2016

Comprehensive briefing materials prepared for the incoming administration about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2016)

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Agency Briefing Book Sample Table of Contents
Tools and Templates

October 06, 2016

A recommended table of contents for the briefing books agencies prepare for incoming administration teams.

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Transition 101 Memo for Agency Transition Directors
Tools and Templates

October 06, 2016

A sample memo that agencies can use to brief their employees regarding an upcoming presidential transition.

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Agency Briefing Material Bureau/Component Executive Summary Template
Tools and Templates

October 06, 2016

A template to be used by agencies to source and organize the information they receive from employees to create the high-level overview of a bureau or component within the agency to develop briefing materials for the incoming administration.

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Agency Briefing Material Deep-dive Template
Tools and Templates

October 06, 2016

A template for agencies that helps them source and organize the information they receive from employees to create a deep-dive report on a topic or issue.

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Presidential Transition Guide to Federal Human Resources Management Matters
Tools and Templates

September 30, 2016

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 2016 Presidential Transition Guide assists agencies and the incoming administration during transition.

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Presidential Transition Summer Timeline Infographic
Tools and Templates

August 30, 2016

This infographic outlines some of the presidential transition tasks the candidates’ teams will take on in the summer before the election.

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Transition Overview from General Services Administration
Tools and Templates

August 02, 2016

The Transition Overview, published by the General Services Administration, provides a synopsis of the 2016 presidential transition process outlining major transition activities and governance structure to provide a quick guide of the who, what, and when of the major milestones that occur during a presidential transition.

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Process Map
Tools and Templates

January 20, 2016

The first comprehensive map of the presidential transition process across six work streams detailing key activities across the major stakeholders. This file is formatted for a 60x60 poster.

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Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Transition Procedures, Identification of Transition Contacts and Access to Non-public Government and Transition Information
Tools and Templates

November 08, 2008

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Office of President-Elect Obama and the White House establishing the relationship between the transition team and the outgoing White House.

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Memo from President George W. Bush Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten on Midnight Regulations
Tools and Templates

May 09, 2008

A memo from Bush administration Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten to heads of executive departments and agencies explaining how agencies should respond to midnight regulations.

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MEMORANDUM: Requirements for the FY 2010 Budget Process
Tools and Templates

April 07, 2008

This memorandum describes the administration’s plans for the development of budget data and other materials in support of the FY 2010 budget process in order to ensure a smooth and effective transition process.

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